SonicBox it's a fine boutique dedicated to building a line of studio grade guitar and bass stompboxes, as well as custom effects made to order. Using the highest quality components, each pedal is hand crafted one at time with the same care and attention to detail as the next one and take about a twenty hours to complete.
  We drill, solder, wiring, assembly, painting and labeling every pedal completely by hand to insure the superior quality and rugged reliability of all the effects we make.
  Finally, every SonicBox pedal is thoroughly tested & tone checked before being packaged, and carries a 5-year warranty as standard....

The common features:

  • Heavy-duty True-bypass footswitch
  • One sided Printed Circuit Boards
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Premium quality Neutrick jacks
  • Ultra-quiet 1% metal-film resistors
  • High-fidelity silver-mica and film caps
  • ELNA & Panasonic "audio" electrolytics
  • Hi intensity ON/OFF LED indicator
  • External 2,1mm 9V DC jack (+)outside (-)on tip
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Enclosed in a heavy duty aluminium enclosure
  • Weight: ca. 300g without 9v Block
  • Dimension : 112 mm x 58 mm x 33 mm
  • 5 year warranty unique FET–based, semi clean Class-A guitar preamp, that lets boost your signal for lead work, add thickness to a single coil, adjust between two different guitars, or can supply as a permanent boost in a long effect chain where signal drop is a problem... reed more >

...The Desert Drive it’s a wild and oversaturated high gain machine, created for all those, who in love in a dark & heavy stoner rock sound with a big bottom and violin–like sustain. ... reed more >

...a high gain, full range germanium FuZZ, based on the old good Color Sound Tone Bender. At the heart of this magic pedal lies for gain (Hfe) and leakage hand picked NOS OC75 and AC188 germanium transistors. It is capable of producing some of the silkiest, smoothest fuzz tones., Tones that germanium transistors are so famous for... reed more > excellent sounding studio-grade tremolo pedal. Unlike many other devices it uses a very natural sounding "Vactec photocell" like the old Fender amplifiers. The result is a fantastic tremolo effect of the cool old vintage amps of the 60's - very warm and emotional with a lot of perseverance... reed more »

The power supply most of the pedals have been designed to allow you to power the unit from a DC source up to 18V, providing you with massive headroom and a huge output signal.

All components are handpicked and rigorously tested to ensure the best quality and tone.
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