Photo Cell Tremolo - an excellent sounding tremolo pedal in studio quality. Unlike many other devices it uses a very natural sounding "Vactec photocell" like the old Fender amplifiers. The result is a fantastic tremolo effect of the cool old vintage amps of the 60's - very warm and emotional with a lot of perseverance..
  A toggle switch allows you to jump from a lovely smooth tremolo "Soft" over to a hard square chop "Hard". So many different and interesting tremolo variants can be achieved.


  • Controllers : Depth, Speed, Spacing, Volume
  • Depth : affect the intensity of the tremolo effect
  • Speed : increases the amount of tremolo speed
  • Spacing : responsible for the proportion of the pause in a single pulse
  • Volume : Up to +10 dB of boost

Photo Cell Tremolo is one of the finest tremolo stompboxes in existence, without the annoying ticking sound that plagues most other tremolo pedals...

The pedal can be powered with a standard DC Adapter, or via 9V Block.
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